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I did not have to look very far to find high polished rims. To my left about, 6 feet away. I have the original set of wheels that came with the chrome Schwinn. Near perfect condition. Steel, heavy as hell, but shiny. 27" but that is okay, they fit the SS chrome and another restored old frame I have. New tires, rim strips, some elbow grease and billet polish and I got some blingy heavy wheels. Box profile Araya steelies.

So my question is, the hub on the rear wheel on these rims is a freehub, a 6 speed freehub. Did not know that such animal existed. How do I make this into a single speed? I still want the ability to coast. Do I use the original cassette and loop the chain on one cog only and the others are along for the ride? How do I reduce to 1 cog and remain in a free wheel state. I read Sheldons site but his suggestions seemed to deal strictly in the fixed state when dealing with freehubs, talking about welding and stuff. I don't want to sacrifice the hub doing that.
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