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Broad guidelines

trekman10 said:
I am looking for some input on some good recipes for carbs. I am tired of the same ol' pasta. My dinner always consist of pasta and chicken and i am getting a little tired of that. Seeing if there was any good recipes that yall like for breakfast lunch or dinner food?
There are millions of recipes on the Internet, so you can find anything you like. What you need is some broad guidelines to keep you in a high quality diet.

Whole grains, fruits and vegetables (for fruit, fresh is better than canned), low fat dairy and red meat, fish, poultry, and keep lots of colors on your plate. Add a spinach salad with olive oil dressing, mix in seeds and nuts for high quality fat and protein. Fat free yogurt and spices and boost the quality of vegetable mixes, and the flavor too. You can liven up any meal with simple spices, especially those from Mexican and Indian cooking, which have been shown to be beneficial. It's not rocket science.
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