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and on the road in march, i have just now replaced the first worn out veloflex and washed the whole bike, my new built c40hp.
thought i would post a summation of my impressions.
-ride qualities, a real featherbed, with roads that are familiar on an intimate basis you find yourself realizing the anticipated bumps go unannounced. also eerily quiet, steel and aluminum must resonate all kinds of vibes compared to this 'cause it rolls in silence.
-handling, coming from a series of bikes that tend to be on the twitchy side, at first it seems kinda slow, and the mind tries not to panic at the prospect of a sluggish handling ride. fact is, upon a good few miles of familiarity, what seemed slow initialy now seems intuitive. the constant adjustment and corrections to hold and change a line are not missed. i would place it as being on the predictable side of neutral. 50 mph descents every ride are common 'round here and the lack of spook is confidence boosting. i never feel that it is lacking in responsive abilities, and i really feel less tired on longer rides from this riding on rails effect.
-stiffness and flex, coming from a crit background, a bit of a bunch and prime sprinter contestant, 170s bodywt in bigger mile mode, this is always a priority.
i was glad to find it has very good stiffness for a bike this comfortable. seated mashing efforts never yield any sway to speak of, and only upon standing and executing jumps on 15% plus grades have i noticed anything you could call flex. the balance of flex between the two main points that are the usual culprits, the fork and bb, seem quite evenly matched in their resistance to these efforts. perhaps the bb has just a hint of lateral deflection more than does the fork show front to back flex, in any case no noodle. more will be seen as i move to the front to press the issue.
i will show pics soon, just gotta figure out how to take 'em 'n make 'em small enuff to post.
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