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...fixie chick, Len J, Mosovich...anyone else, too...

Can you tell me if the forum is any faster now, or the same?

Is it in General Forum only, or all the forums?

Thanks for any info.


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Picshooter said:
I am slower than ever before. I am wondering if it's the avatars. Until I can get a faster connection I will be visiting less.

I am also in dial-up mode. You can disable the avatars by going to My Account, Edit Options and scrolling down to Thread Display Options. You can also disable pictures there which can really help speed things up when the connection is slow.

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It's intermittant for me............

Last day or two it's been pretty quick. Prior to that it was hit or miss.

I have had load problems on active threads. I think it's because everyone has to access the thread to view (IN the Hybrid mode) what has been posted, more people access the thread. If I try to get the thread, occassionally it wil slow/stop loading. I suspect (but don't know) that this is because someone else is loading it at the same time.

Hope this helps.

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