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Fork for a 250lb'er on a Custom bike. What's a good one? And other Custom Questions

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I am just getting back into riding and have a Scott CR1 that I love but am having a hard time with fit. I am thinking of doing a few things and want some opinions.. I use to have a Carl Strong custom built bike that I love but it's gone now. I am thinking of having him build me a new one because at 6'5 and a weight I am not proud of I am having some fit issues with my Scott. Here is my plan. Originally it was to sell the Scott outright. Scenario 1: Problem with thisScenario is Carl has about a 13 week turnaround. So I sell my bike that's 13 weeks off the bike. Upside to this is the new custom "Strong" would have all new components. Dura ace or Red... Scenario 2: Order the "Custom Strong" and when I get it swap out all my parts from the Scott which is Full Dura ace 7800 to the New custom bike. Problem with this one is it's old components on a new Custom bike.. Upside is it would probably be cheaper than Scenario 1 and I would get to ride the entire time....

Next thing is what fork is a good fork nowadays? It's been along time since I have been in the industry. Carl was saying he really likes the Edge 2.0 Carbon fork. He sells it for about $480. Can I find it cheaper somewhere else to save even more money or is this about the going rate for a Composite Fork? Or is there other suggestions on Fork preferences that would be good for my height weight. 6'4 250lbs...
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Not a Trek fork.

I've just purchased a Parlee with an edge 2.0 fork. Its fantastic.
IMO your scenario #2 is clearly the way to go. As far as swapping 'old' parts to a new bike is concerned, I don't see that as an issue. You'll save money upfront with this plan, and as components wear (or you decide to upgrade) change them out, but there's no hurry to do so (assumes they're in good working order).

Regarding your fork options, Carl is a smart man. IME the Edge 2.0 is an excellent fork. If you go to this website:
You'll see that they have it listed at just under $400. If you email Excel Sports with the info and ask that they price match, they most likely will (they did for me, and I prefer ordering from them).

If you go this route, before ordering check with Carl on his recommended rake, based on the geo he's planning for your new bike.
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Scenario #2 is the way to go. I just did the exact thing, moving the parts over from an older mountain bike to a new Rock Lobster. I also did the same thing almost 20 years ago when I replaced a stock Trek, lugged steel sport touring frame with a custom Bilenky; I just moved the parts over and was done.

Trust Carl Strong if he says the Edge fork is fine. It certainly is a very popular, and desired fork for custom frames these days so maybe it's just a trend, but I haven't read bad things about them, either.

Personally, I'd get a steel fork to go with the new frame.
Peter P. said:
Scenario #2 is the way to go.

Personally, I'd get a steel fork to go with the new frame.
What he said. You'll be happy.
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