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maybe not...

50mm rake forks are not that uncommon. A lot of the traditional Italian frames with steel forks had 50mm of rake with appropriate HTA to create a reasonabe amount of trail.

The formula for trail is pretty simple:

Trail = (R/tanH) - (rake/sinH)

Changing from a 43 to a 50mm rake would increase the tail by bit more than 7mm.

For example, a Colango with a 71.5HTA and 50mm of rake would have a trail of 59.7mm and a bike with a 72 degree HTA would still have a trail of 56.6mm, which is not excessively small.

If you have a bike with a 73 degree HTA, then the trail would be a very twitchy 50.4mm.

I made my own excel program for calculating trail if anyone wants it.
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