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Hi everyone.

I'm thinking of upgrading the project 2 fork on my JtS to an Easton EC90X fork. Factoring in the 3mm higher crown-axle height of the Easton fork (395mm vs 392mm) and 2mm less rake (43mm vs. 45mm), this would increase the trail on my JtS by roughly 4cm.

This may be an impossible question to answer (I guess I'd actually have to try it to know for sure), but will the difference be noticeable? The JtS is already a little sluggish around tight corners, though this is primarily due to the longer wheelbase.

Anyone else think I'd be happier with the AlphaQ (395mm height, 47mm rake), which will more closely match the current trail? I like the looks of the easton, as well as the ability to run fenders.

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