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I'm looking for a few bicycling partners in the Dallas area to start training for long distance road riding. I want to have fun with this, but I am also serious about it. Here are my goals:

* Start with 15 to 20 mile rides with an average flat ground pace of 12 to 15mph

* Start on bike paths (such as White Rock Trail), and move up to street riding.

* Gradually build up speed and length of trips (maybe an extra few miles and/or extra mile per hour per week)

* Throw in some interval training and some repeated hill climbs. Maybe a mountain bike ride for variety.

* Work up to riding centuries. Maybe enter some novice-level races.

To accomplish this, I figure I will need people who:

* Rides safely. This is listed first for a reason. Crashes are inevitable, stupidity is not.

* Is dedicated. If we agree to meet at 7am on a freezing sunday morning (or at noon in July), we all better show up.

* Knows basic nutrition - drinking plenty, eating while riding, etc. We'll experiment with what works as we build up the miles.

* Knows basic bike mechanic skills.

* Is willing to learn, and to teach. I'm all ears if you have tips or advice.

I'm not concerned with what type of bike you ride, as long as you are the motor. I don't care about wearing skin tight jerseys and shorts, or even if you have clipless pedals (i don't, yet). I just want to ride far, and ride for the fun of it.

I'd like to get a group of people who are interested, and organize rides of 2 to 4 people per session. That way, if one person can't make it to a ride, there will be others available. Any more than 4 (maybe 5) riders, and safety starts becoming an issue (crossing intersections, keeping everyone together, different skill levels).

Interested? Get in touch by responding to this post or sending me a message.


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Might be worth looking into these guys: Greater Dallas Bicyclists.

They have a lot of rides and riders doing pretty much the same thing, and not always in large groups. They are definitely as newcomer and new rider friendly as it gets.

Just a thought. ;)

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either gdb or the richardson bike mart branch near the lake has some rides also. Some are gdb rides and some aren't.
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