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I'm building up a new road bike, and I want to try my hand at wheel building. I am in the process of switching all my bikes from 650c to 700, and I have a 650 wheelset with AM 28/24 hubs and Velocity Aerohead rims and C-xray spokes. I love the way they ride and they probably have no more than 1000 miles on them. I was thinking about taking the set apart and using the hubs for my new wheels, or else buying a new set of the Formula hubs. I may also just sell the 650 set and buy the new hubs. I figure Kinlin 30mm rims and haven't decided on spokes yet. If I do get new hubs I'm also considering going lower on the spoke count. I only weigh 145. I figure I could go 20f and 24r, or 20f and 28r.

Any thoughts from you experts?


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