Editor's Note: The Forum Report is a weekly round-up of the most talked about topics within the RoadBikeReview.com forum, the world's busiest road cycling forum. Find out what's moving the needle this week.

Crime and punishment, cadence, waving, and doping were the hot RoadBikeReview.com Forum topics during the last seven days.

Tops on the list with more than 2000 views and 100 replies was a four-page thread asking, Who would you most like to see exposed as a doper? We're not going to throw anyone under the bus here, but let's just say the answers ranged from current top pros, to legends of the past, to athletes from other sports, to a few folks who don't race at all. Oprah? You can read and reply here.

Another topic moving the needle was a discussion on the bicyclist who struck and killed a pedestrian in San Francisco's Castro neighborhood last year. It was just announced that the rider in question must stand trial on felony vehicular manslaughter charges. This was of particular interest (not to mention timely) to the RoadBikeReview.com audience, as there is talk that the defendant was attempting to conquer a downhill Strava KoM segment when the accident occurred. This week, RoadBikeReview entertained a heated debate on the merits of Strava, with a pair of very strong pro and con opinions. Catch up on the Forum discussion here.

On a lighter note, a Forum member new to cycling started a thread asking, what was accepted on-bike etiquette when it came to waving to other cyclists. The poster says he waves "99%" of the time unless climbing a steep hill, but has noticed many of his fellow cyclists do not return the gesture. The vast majority of respondents wrote that they waved back more often than not, though a few implied that waving was not cool. You can chime in here.

Finally, there was a lively discussion on the relative merits of slow versus high cadence pedaling that started with a thread titled, "Changing from mashing to high cadence." The poster claimed that after switching pedaling styles, he's found that pedaling at a higher cadence has not improved his efficiency or resistance to fatigue, which goes against much of the expert advice that's recently been published on the topic.

Responses ran the gamut, with this answer from Herbie summing up one of the more prominent opinions. "Sometimes riders don't quite understand the concept. the goal is to be in the highest gear you can easily turn at 90 or above. If you cannot easily turn the gear over, go one lower. If it is too easy, go to a higher one. I suspect the reason you are so sore is that you are using a gear that is slightly too high right now."

That's certainly not the final word, though, as it's clear this is a topic with many opinions. You can read more on the cadence question here.

Check back next week when we'll have another round-up of what's hot in the RoadBikeReview.com Forum.