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United Bicycle Insitute (UBI), offer frame building courses. They say essentially:
Enroll, show up with zero knowledge? and walk away with a completed frame,
unpainted of course. TIG, Braze, etc.

Personally, I would prepare as much as possible before attending, such as
studying my desired frame geometry, welding, frame building books, etc.
Monetarily, one will not save money over a custom build, so please SPARE me
the lectures. But what a great idea for a chosen few. Seems like a lot of
knowledge to acquire. Anybody ever enroll in these courses?

The mechanical part of cycling is not as challenging to me as it once was.
No bragging here, just seems like the same-old, same-old, bike issues.
Bike builds, frame mods, wheel building, maintenance, got all the tools I need
and then some, memories of great rides and feeling re-born afterwards, etc.

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I'm UBI alumni and I can't say enough about their courses. When taking the advanced mechanic course in the early 90's (I think they call it something else now) There was a frame design "elective"offered.. an hour a night for two weeks and a lot of information was crammed into those 8 or nine hours. Didn't get to do any welding there, but find the design course very helpful in my line of work ;)

I have freinds who have done the course. Some with previous welding experience. Ironically, one guy with previous experience was the one guy who finished the course without completing his frame (he was kind of a slacker). Another graduate of the course is building frames professionaly in San Francisco.

Study before hand or not... either way you'll come out with a frame that you built yourself.

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About 6 months ago, someone posted about UBI

complete with pictures of his completed frame. It looked great. You should be able to find the thread by searching the name of the school.
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