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ok: here is the question; is there a relationship between how one's road bike fit equates to a mtb xc bike fit?
riding a 54cm speicalized roubaix with a 55cm effective top tube, what is a good size mtb xc frame that would equate to the road bike frame?

i know the reach to the hoods on a road bike adds about 2-3" and if one uses bar ends on a mtb xc bike it is about the same..

obviously the angles will be different more like 73 72.5-73 for road geometry and 73-74 and 70.5-71 for the mtb..

is there some kind of connection and do any of you have that position and fit dialed in?

any suggestions???
thanks in advance..

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FWIW, I usually look for a 57cm (~22.5") toptube on a roadbike and have gravitated toward 24" (~61cm) toptube on mountainbikes (I am 6'0" tall).
However, I also like running longer stems on my roadbikes (120-130mm). The same stem size was fashionable for "old school" XC mountainbike fit, e.g. my old hardtail from the mid 90s. The current trend for MTBs is towards longer toptubes but shorter stems. Unlike road bike fit, there is a very distinct trade-off: a longer stem will help climbing as more of your weight is over the front wheel, while a short stem will make handling downhill a lot better. You need to find out what fits your style and local riding terrain better. I have Cannondale Scalpel (a xc race bike) with a 24.5" toptube and a 120mm stem and an all-mountain bike with a 24" toptube and a 100mm stem. I tried to ride the all-mountain bike with a 120mm stem on technical terrain and gave up after a series of endos.
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