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turbomatic73 said:
That is a GOOD QUESTION...have been meaning to post something to solicit some insight from others. The fork that came w/ the frame is toast--the steerer tube met an untimely death due to a frozen quill stem (it was ugly, don't ask...). Problem is, finding a replacement fork is tough...Criteria includes:

1) Quality steel (not "hi-ten")
2) 1'' steerer tube
3) Built for long-reach brakes
4) Rake that is not intended for a track bike (e.g. something 44mm or above)

Surly's Steamroller fork is the closest thing I've seen, but the rake is "trackish"...38 i think. Everything on ebay (which isn't a lot) is for short reach brakes. I think I found something today from a UK shop--Wiggle--but it costs a boatload to ship it. I will keep haunting ebay and see if something doesn't come up.
Sounds good. I agree,you are going to have trouble finding what you want but every day brings new stuff on the bay . A chrome fork would be pretty sexy .
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