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Lock ring issue

gibbons said:
I love the spread on my 11 speed 12-25 cuz it gives me an 18t between 17t and 19t right in my sweet spot. But the 12t is occasionally limiting on downhills. I have the 206 mile LOTOJA ride coming up, which has some substantial length downhills where I know I will spin out and get dropped.

Sooo..... I have a friend with an 11-25 (which doesn't have the 18t). She said she will loan me her 11t so I can swap it with my 12t. I don't care about the big ratio gap, I don't use that range much anyway. It's just for the downhills. I don't care if the ramp pattern doesn't line up or if it shifts lumpy, I am aware of the situation and wouldn't be shifting under load anyway.

Whaddaya think, will my Super Record derailleur move the chain from an 11t to a 13t in one jump? Anything else to watch out for?
You'll need the 11t lock ring rather than your current 12t lock ring. Also, you can ask yourself whether you will gain much speed. Once you hit about 35 mph, it's faster to get into a tight tuck and coast than it is to ride in the drops while pedaling. You didn't say whether you had a compact or a 53/39, but 53/11 is 37 mph (60 km/hr) at 100 rpm.
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