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TERRIBLE relationship advice:

Why women leave or cheat - What every man should know
In summary, this article blames men when women leave them. Women leave because the men are not present. But who can the man blame for not being present? Nobody knows, nobody cares. The point is that women are entitled to something and it's not their fault if they cheat in a marriage. The article concludes by telling men to try harder.

Another example: Steven Lake. He's a relationship expert, a speaker and an author who makes a living giving advice on relationships.
Read his articles and weep:
What Do You Do When Your Wife Tells You She is Not in Love with You. And Doesn?t Want to Be. -
Why You Should Thank Your Wife For Giving You A Hard Time -
People are often ignorant of basic facts regarding choosing a mate. Men don't take women seriously but they can screw up your life. Not only that but you bring screwed up children into the world from these screwed up women. To illustrate how ignorant people are about this, just look at how we were with livestock in the past. People in the old days who had a mare that wasn't much good to ride, bit people, kicked and so on would use that mare for breeding because they thought she wasn't good for much else. They were probably shocked years later when all the horses on their property were biting and bucking and kicking people. Odd how people could ignore the obvious so easily.
1181 - 1200 of 1200 Posts