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Diesel Engine
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Like many others, I have used the Morningstar Freehub Buddy on my Shimano freehubs for several years. I have a DA 7700 freehub that probably has 20,000 miles on it, I last flushed it probably two years ago for the first time. I did a hub overhaul this week and decided to do it again as I could detect a small change in the freehub sound.

Unlike the other flushes, I decided to remove the freehub from the hub this time. It definitely was time for a flush as a lot of black lube came from the back of it. After I got it all loaded up with 90W gear oil, I removed the rear seal to inspect the bearings. Clean oil freely poured from the freehub but there was plenty still in there. Since I had the seal off, I put a very light coating of grease on the visible bearings - can't hurt as that is how they come from the factory, with the bearings greased and the pawls oiled. Reassembled everything, freehub is silky smooth and has the familiar muted click of old.

One thing that always bothered me when I "buddyed" the freehub was that lube often seeped out of the back of the freehub for several days or more, making a real mess. So far there is no lube seeping from the back of the freehub, even after a few rides. That rear seal fits real tight, and I think it creates a vacuum of sorts which holds a lot of excess lubricant inside of the freehub.

From now on I will do the freehub maintenance with it removed from the wheel and with the rear seal removed. It's not a big deal to re-lube it, the whole job took less than 30 minutes including the hub bearing repack.

Just figured I would share as this may make the job easier for you when/if you do it.
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