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My transmission developed the following symptom lately: Every now and then (but with increasing frequency) there's 'click' when I resume pedalling after coasting. Sounds like the chain is skipping and I can feel it. Doesn't really matter if the chain is clean and freshly lubed or not, but it does seem worse when I apply greater force.

Chain and cassette are Ultegra 10spd with about 1500 miles on them. The chain is not showing any significant wear yet using my Park chain stretch measuring tool. The freehub is also Ultegra freehub and has well over 7000 miles on it.

Any thoughts or experience if this is related to chain/cassette or freehub? And if freehub (which I suspect) is it OK to have LBS relube or should I just replace it?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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