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I commute on my old blue Gunnar. It's my favorite bike. It makes an obscene creaking noise and I was working on it after work Monday. It was still up on the stand Tuesday morning.

I shower and shave before I leave, then tidy up at work. I still smell like soap and water at this point in the ride, just a few blocks from home in Evanston.

My niece plays here -

My wife and I went to high school here -

I used to wait for the bus after high school on this corner -

Crossing the canal, leaving Evanston.

The highest point on my ride. I cross from Great Lakes drainage basin to Mississippi basin as I go over this small ridge.

Morton Grove has a forward thinking city council.

The City of Niles is a miserable dystopia.

Leaving Niles, the trees start to look like they weren't planted by the Parks Dept.

If this shoulder didn't die, I could take a direct route and scrub almost 4 miles from my commute.

I have to detour quite a ways North, then double back. Fortunately, this is the detour...

I take a nature break...

The forest opens up a little.

The forest is behind me. I pass these tracks and I'm almost there.


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Great post. . .

I sure didn't have a playground like that when I was a kid. . .lucky kid!

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Alex-in-Evanston said:
I hear that. I just snapped this shot of Jackson, thinking hard about attacking my crotchal region.

I got a pair of those Mandals...they give me a wicked blister right where that plastic buckle is near the ankle.
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