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'brifter' is f'ing stupid
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Amfoto1 said:

Or, new cables (new bike or replacments on an older bike) often go through a break in period... sometimes referred to as "cable stretch", although it's not actually the cable stretching... it's the cable housing more fully seating in the various mounting points, but the results are the same... Time for a tune up.
while i agree w/ the basic idea of this post (cables don't really stretch, housing compresses and ferrules 'seat')...i don't think it should be the expected norm. a competent mechanic should be able to make sure that all this happens in the shop, while either building a new bike or performing a cable/housing replacement. a customer should be able to take a new or tuned up bike on the road and not have to worry about a 'mandatory' cable adjustment in the first few day/weeks of riding.
if the shifting goes out of adjustment like this, the mechanic didn't do his/her job correctly.
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