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New bike?

It sounds as if either the derailleur wasn't tightly mounted and slipped....

Or, new cables (new bike or replacments on an older bike) often go through a break in period... sometimes referred to as "cable stretch", although it's not actually the cable stretching... it's the cable housing more fully seating in the various mounting points, but the results are the same... Time for a tune up.

Because it happened so suddenly and there was such severe cross chaining, I suspect the first situation... which would sort of point toward whoever assembled the bike initially.

Often with a new bike the shop will offer a "500 mile tune up" to correct for the second situation.

In neither situation will the cable end up too tight... just the opposite in fact, it would loosen. Maybe the repair tech was just saying so out of job security, as you suggested.

Once set and so long as nothing slips, the front derailleur isn't likely to go out of adjustment too easily. It will eventually wear out, but only after many happy miles. The cables will wear out many times and need replacement and subsequent adjustment many times before the FD actually needs replacement.
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