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adjustment screw...

Generally, you have to keeping backing out the right side limit screw and increasing the tension on the shift cable, to get the maximum movement from the FD. If all you did was back out the screw and didn't increase the cable tension using the barrel adjuster on the frame (or wherever you have an adjuster), then that may be what is truly limiting the FD movement. You also have to watch for excessive cable tension, which can lift the FD off the left side limit screw, creating chain rub in the little ring and largest cog.

Hopefully you got instructions with the crank. The next thing to check is the chainline. Usually the middle ring should be about 46mm from the center of the seat tube to the tip of a tooth (center) of the middle ring. Measure from the side and add 1/2 the ST diameter to get the c-c distance. A measurement that's much more would indicate a problem.

You may be able to use a 113mm, depending on the clearance between the little ring and the chainstay. I recommend checking the clearance with a 5/32 inch drill bit as gauge. If it will pass between the ring than the chainstay, then you'll still have about 1.5mm of clearance with the 113mm BB. I have one frame where this is possible and another where there is not enough clearance to make this change.
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