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I noticed the large chainring is starting to hit the FD while pedaling on the 50/12.
It appears to be during the down stroke on the drive train side. I rode in this config
for 3 weeks on a fix trainer with no problems (very true). Did some mountain riding out west for about a week came back and put bike back on fix trainer and started noticing this out of true
situation. I have since tighten all chainring bolts,checked tightness of clamping bolts that secure crankarm. Problem still remains. Removed crankarm/spindle and checked tightness of bearing cups. Reassembled. Problem still remains. No play when grabbing
arms and checking for side play.

Is this a normal characteristic of these cranksets and use ? I have only been using it for about a month with maybe 600 miles on it. The spindle still has a tight fit into bearing cup holes.

Any ideas ?

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