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I got the FSA headset that came with the Scattante XRL comp bike. I have never done a headset before so bear with me. For your kind answers I will put up a website with lots of pictures so you don't have to answer dumb questions from idiots like me in the future!!!

Here are all of my parts:

(These are pictures looking at the top of the bike)

1) The first race that goes in the top has a beveled edge on one side, and straight on the other side. Does the beveled edge go into the top tube? That is how I put it:

2) Next I have the bearing retainer. Which way does the retainer go. There is a "Open" side and a "closed side". In this picture I put the closed side down.
3) Rubber seal. Has a small groove indent on on side and sort of a very small "V" outdent - which way does this go? In this picture I have the outdented V facing up.

4) I am assuming the fork crown race needs to be absolutely flush at the bottom steer tube?

5) Where do these spacers go?

6) Where does the centering sleeve go?

Thanks :mad2:

BTW Frame is a Scattante XRL Comp.

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Here's some info that will help. It looks like you have the bearings incorrectly. The bearing seat do got into the frame with the chamfered edge bearing on the head tube. On better quality headsets, cartridge bearings are used so the installation is simpler.

The fork crown race should be split so it can be installed by hand. The flat side bears against the fork and the angled side faces up. The other aluminum ring goes on top. If there are very thin (.25mm) shims, those go on the top of the aluminum ring. They are used, only if needed, to keep the top section of the headset from rubbing on the head tube.

Here's a picture that may help, except it shows cartridge bearings.
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