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FSA to introduce complete road and MTB drivetrains

It has long been speculated that FSA would develop a complete drivetrain, including shifters and derailleurs, but details have been few and far between with little other than rumor and hearsay to go on. However, FSA’s Ric Hjertberg offered Cyclingnews some rare information on what lies in store.
FSA will not only offer a complete 10-speed road drivetrain, but also a 9-speed off-road one as well. The road kit will include FSA’s own integrated shift/brake levers of an as-yet undisclosed configuration, rear derailleur, dual-pivot brake calipers, chain, as well as the front derailleur, crankset, and bottom bracket components that they already offer. Newly-devloped mountain bike components will include front and rear derailleurs, shifters, and chain.
Hjertberg did not offer up much in the way of details, but he did mention that the road brakes will resemble those from Mavic (and now SRAM) with an integrated reinforcing strut. FSA’s new chain design is said to be a “reinvention” of sorts, to the point where FSA will likely have to look outside the typical collection of bicycle chain manufacturers in order to get it produced.
The new drivetrains are a truly international collaboration that involves engineers and designers from five different countries. The development crew comprises a hand-selected group and Hjertberg likens the process to putting something on the big screen. “This group was put together specifically to work on this project," said Hjertberg, "but like a film production, these people may never work together in this arrangement again.”
Details on the new kit would obviously be nice, but at the very least, word that there will now be a fourth road component option and a third mountain bike option is certainly exciting news and we will report more as soon as information becomes available.
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