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I'm thinking of buying FSA Wing Pro Compact bars. According to their website the bars' width is measured c-c at the drops, which are flared. The widest width available is 44cm. Is a 44cm bar therefore kinda narrow at the hoods, with the measurement being somewhere in the 42 cm range or something?

pdxtim said:
Thanks for the info. I normally use a 44 cm bar, so FSA's widest in this bar may be too narrow for me.
I thought the same as well. I went from a 46 cm to a 44 cm K-wing and I felt that I was too wide at the shoulders for a 44 cm bar, but it worked and I did not noticed one bit of diffrence. It was only 1 inch diffrence or 1/2 inch on each side between a 44cm and 46 cm bar.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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