Bought this first edition Fuell Flluid in 2019 as my commuter bike, and then the pandemic took away my commute. I've absolutely loved riding this e-bike. It's pretty large and sturdy, which is great for my larger frame. I'm sad to let it go, my my days commuting appear to be over. It has 528 miles on it. 47 hours. Both batteries work perfectly. I replaced the crank assembly under warranty (Fuell was great about communication and replacement parts). I got an extra wheel from them due to a spoke being bent, but I never replaced the wheel, so there is a spare.

I live in Arlington, VA. If you are nearby and want to take a look, take it out for a ride, let me know. I'm not in a hurry to sell, hoping to get asking price and move her to a good home where she gets more time outside :)