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I have had limited experience with Fuji customer service, but my 2 contacts with them have been very positive. I heard that Fuji was great with warranty service and so far my dealings have confirmed that. The following is an e-mail I got just yesterday from Fuji regarding my inquiry to replace an end cap on the handlebars. I had a mild crash and broke one of them, so I was expecting them to charge me for it.

This is what good customer service is all about!


Doug, thanks for your purchase and for choosing of one our bikes. It really does mean a lot to us here. I will get you out another end cap for your bike, free of charge. Just give me the address that you would like that shipped to, and I will send one out for you. Thanks

Richie Carney
Warranty Manager
Advanced Sports Inc.
Fuji Bikes/SE Racing
118 Bauer Dr.
Oakland, NJ 07436
1(800)-631-8474 ext.202
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