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I've been riding mountain bikes since 1993 (I was 20 then), and raced for the first few years even. The mountain bike riding season is only about 6 months where I live. A lot of folks I ride mountain bikes with are also riding road bikes during the summer months. I would like to get a road bike so I can get in riding shape while the roads are dry but there is still snow on the trails. I'm looking at a bike that is comfortable on long rides, a good climbing machine, and not so twitchy that decents aren't scary. I plan on riding the LOTOJA in 2011.

I was looking at the Fuji SL1 PRO in Shimano, or the Giant Defy Advanced 1. I'm not sure about the TCR though. I'm a little nervous about the press in BB bearings on the Giant though. I guess I'm hoping the tools to replace my own bearings won't be too expensive. The Fuji uses a x-type BB, so those would be easy to do the work on myself.

I know I need to go and test both bikes, but having never ridden road before, I'm worried that I won't even know what to look for. What feels OK around the block might not feel OK after 50 miles, let alone 100+. I'm also open to suggestions for other bikes.

Thanks for the help.

ETA - What's up with the $3800 MSRP of the SL1 PRO? Seems a little high to me, considering the Defy Advanced 1 is $500 less. Anyway, I know a motivated dealer who will the SL1 PRO for $2800 out the door. Not sure on the Giant products.

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The TCR would be more comparable to the Fuji SST series. The SL1 series bikes is what Fuji calls their "Endurance" carbon road bikes. More suited for those long days in the saddle. So it is more comparable to the Defy.

MSRP, is just that, MSRP. What the manufacturer suggests as a good price. But most of the time, the bikes will sell for less.

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Giant Defy Advanced 1

I have a '09 Giant Defy Advanced 1 that I'll be selling. Two seasons of riding, approx. 2600 miles. It's the XL, 61 cm. Beautiful bike. Not a mark on it. '09 Editor's Choice, smooth, stiff, responsive, comfortable. Everything as billed. Will sell for $2,000 if any interest.
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