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So I've been searching around for a fixed gear. I'm looking for something decently inexpensive but still high quality. I'm going to be riding it around here in Richmond, VA for the summer, and then bringing it back to campus. Wherever I end up after graduation, I'll be using it there too.

I visited a LBS today and came across the Fuji Track. They have one left. It's really a very pretty bike, seems well made, and a decent price.

I've also been considering the Tommaso Augusta from, but they don't know when they're getting their next shipment in. I sort of need a bike sooner rather than later.

I sized the Fuji today and it fits well. It may be slightly big, but it's comfortable. I've yet to try a Tommaso, and likely wouldn't until it actually arrived in the mail.

Both will end up costing me about $450.00 with a front brake. Which would you choose and why? I'd like to make a decision sooner rather than later because this Fuji could be gone at anytime. Thoughts?
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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