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ewitz said:
I wouldn't bother with the Two Way Fit.

The additional weight that it adds to the standard Zeros negates any weight benefit of not having to run tubes. Also, selection of tires is so limited and none of them are as good as the best cstandard clinchers.

I read this as showing the Fusion 2 tubeless giving up 3.5W per tire at 51km/h to a Vittoria Corsa CX clincher. Lets say, for arguement sake that it takes 300w to do 51km/h on the Tacx rollers. That makes 3.5W inside the 1.3% standard deviation on the test...

I built up a set of Stan's Alpha 340 rims on record hubs, and I run Fusion 2 tubeless tires on them (BTW this is a 1380g wheelset with Sapim CX spokes and cost <$600.00). I also have a set of Vittoria Corsa CX clinchers AND a set of Vittoria Corsa CX tubulars.

What tire is better, faster, stronger?

They are all great. I am not sure i can tell the difference in rolling resistance. But the ride on the tubular and tubeless tires is noticably better than on the clinchers. Plus no flats on the tubeless.

None. Zip. Zero.

I couldn't be happier with mine. Go for the two-way fit.
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