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There were five of us on our regular Saturday ride last week. At one point I dropped back and was riding a few meters back with another rider and we got to chatting about various aches and pains we both had. One injury I had was a particularly nasty ankle sprain that I had shown to another one of our group during lunch earlier in the week. I was also on the tail end of healing a saddle sore. As I was talking about the particulars of the saddle sore, i.e. a very delicate location, size, inability to sit comfortably, etc., my other friend in front must have over heard us. So he blurts out to the group something to the effect of "Man that thing is nasty and painful looking! All black and blue and swollen! I was checking it out at lunch the other day in the Thai restaurant."

After a brief pause, someone says "What the hell were you doing looking at Jason's saddle sore in the middle of a Thai restaurant? Is there something you need to tell us?" We all burst out laughing. It was one of the funniest things I have heard in a long time.

Of course, he is now stuck being called Saddle Sore. The emails were flying this week about going for Thai food for lunch, etc. I'm sure you can imagine.

Just thought someone might get a kick out of the story.
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