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I am in no way affilitated in a business sense with the outfit, but I did purchase one of the frames. The business name on ebay is something like "Mozzy", or some other name not found in nature, and I think that they have a "store."

The frames in question are a couple of NOS Coppi steel frames, some in Genius tubing. Sizes were mostly in the mid-high 50's (cm). They may have more sizes/types, as they are showing some now that they didn't offer just a few weeks ago. The business was easy to deal with, the integrity factor seemed to be high, and the product is as good as described, and my frame actually is nicer than it seemed to be in pictures. At the time they had some nice matching seat posts, too.

My 59 cm Coppi, with Genius tubes, is quite a nice frame. For a last-generation OS tubeset, I am pleased with its weight and its performance. Like I said, I have no interest in this deal, I'm just sayin. And enjoyin'.
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