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Ascent is the best $30 I think I have ever spent on anything. It is a great application - but it is for keeping tabs on stuff post ride, not pre ride. It can do what you say you want to do - keep track of runs and climbs - just make sure you log the stuff right. No question there. One thing people with garmin rarely do, and it's an incredible feature, have the computer log a lap every-time you pass a certain point. Let's say you're doing a 30 lap crit. Put this feature on and when you pass the start, hit lap, and then every time you pass the same point the computer will lap automatically. Now you have 30 laps and you can see whatever you want - average power, HR, speed - whatever. Do hill climb repeats. Hit lap at the bottom, finish the effort, hit lap again. now you have one for when you start and when you finish - all done automatically.

Garmin and ascent rock. I have three years of data and I love it.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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