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Just a warning not to install the 12.2 update that Garmin is currently pushing. Installed it on my Edge 1000 while in Europe (STUPID!!!) and now I can't get courses to work. So far have spent 4 hours of my vacation on the phone and chat with them and they have no clue or help. They insist there's no way to roll back the "update" which is, of course, utter BS. I used to work in software; I know how this stuff works. They WON'T roll back the update is the truth of the matter. Even if my unit is bricked and I'm on a 2 week cycling vacation in Europe.

Oh and also... their server that delivers cycle maps is down, has been for weeks, and will probably be down for another couple of weeks. Not that they've stopped selling them online mind you. They'll take your money, you just don't get the product until some unknown day in the future. Sounds like Attorney General time to me.

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