Garmin is rolling out an updated line of power pedals for road, gravel and mountain biking. The new Rally series pedals use the Shimano SPD-SL and Look KEO clipless systems for the road, and Shimano’s SPD clipless system for mountain and gravel use. Garmin claims the new Rally pedals have been tested to the extreme and offer bike-to-bike transferability between road and mountain pedals.

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Garmin Rally Pedal Highlights
  • 120-hour battery life
  • Power-meter spindle can be transferred between pedal bodies
  • 53mm Q-Factor with spacers for 55mm Q-factor
  • Offered in single- and dual-sided versions
  • Claimed weights: 444g (XC) 326g (RK), 320g (RS)
  • Price range: $549.99 to $1,199.99
  • Available now
More Durable, More Versatile
The new Rally pedals build on Garmin Vector 3 platform with more robust internals, threaded metal inserts for the battery door, and improved seals, which should improve durability. Each Rally pedal uses two SR44, LR44, or one CR1/3N battery per pedal. The Rally pedals have a claimed battery life of 120 hours.

According to Kenny Carlson, Garmin senior product manager, the company’s test staff tested the pedals across all possible use cases in real-world environments, racking up some impressive statistics along the way. The Rally series pedals were tested by 125 riders, on 6,000 rides, for 11,000 hours of testing over 125,000 miles. One single test ride lasted 430 miles over 47 hours.

Garmin Rally Power Meter Pedal Pricing and Availability
The Rally Pedal is offered in single-sided (100 series) and dual-sided (200 series) versions for Shimano SPD (Rally XC), Shimano SPD-SL (Rally RS) and Look KEO (Rally RK) pedals.

Rally XC100: $699.99
Rally XC200: $1,199.99

Rally RS100: $649.99
Rally RS200: $1,099.99

Rally RK100: $649.99
Rally RK200: $1,099.99

Upgrade pedal (single to dual-sided): $549.99-$599.99
Pedal body conversion kits: $199.99-$249.99

Garmin’s new Rally pedals are available now through authorized retailers.
Buy the new Rally pedals through Garmin's Amazon Store.

Rally Pedal Cross Compatibility
Buying a pair of Garmin’s Rally pedals is a significant investment. Thankfully, riders can swap the power sensors between various pedal bodies, allowing riders to switch between road and mountain or gravel.

“We do expect any cyclist who does their own maintenance to be able to do this.” 5-10 minute change,” said Carlson. The pedal switch should take experienced home mechanics between 5 and 10 minutes and is similar to the most pedal overhaul procedures. It requires a pedal wrench, 4mm Allen key, Phillips screwdriver, a 12mm socket and a torque wrench.

There’s also cross-compatibility between the older Vector 3 pedals. Existing Vector 3 owners can purchase the SPD pedal body conversion kit if they want to run their power meters on gravel or mountain bikes.

According to Garmin, while this process is relatively easy, it’s not something the company thinks will take place every other ride. “We’re looking at it more as a seasonal change but we see some riders changing every week if they want to,” Carlson said.

Single- and Dual-Sided Power Options
With the Rally RK200, Rally RS200 and Rally XC200 dual-sensing pedal-based power meters, cyclists can see right and left leg data metrics independently. Measuring cadence, total power, left-right balance and advanced cycling dynamics, the dual-sensing pedals show cyclists how and where they are producing power to help them understand their specific strengths and weaknesses to improve their pedaling form.

The dual-sensing pedals also track time spent seated versus standing so riders can gauge position effectiveness and where power is applied on the pedal to ensure proper cleat position.

The single-sensing Rally RK100, Rally RS100 and Rally XC100 use the forces detected on the left pedal to measure both cadence and power and can easily be upgraded later to the dual-sensing system. Riders can get the most from their training by pairing the Rally power meters with compatible Edge cycling computers and the Garmin Connect app to upload data and update software.

The Rally power meters are also compatible with popular indoor training platforms, including the Tacx Training app, Zwift, TrainerRoad and more.