Garmin Vector power pedals will help revolutionize the ways cyclists train according to the Heart Rate Watch Company. By using left/right power to equalize output with the non-dominant leg a cyclist can greatly improve their cycling speed and power.

The Garmin Vector power pedals offer cyclists a completely unique and new technology and were identified as the best new technology for 2011 from the Cycling News Reader's Poll together with one caveat; they will not be available until March of 2012. When they arrive they will revolutionize how power output is measured for cyclists according to the Heart Rate Watch Company.

The real story is the unique left/right power balance that tells cyclists if leg power is equalized or out of balance as well as where the power is in the pedal stroke. None of the current power systems on the market today offer this feature.

"Measuring applied force at the pedal makes complete sense because this is where it is applied," says Rusty Squire, President of the Heart Rate Watch Company. He continues, "The ability to use left/right power to help strengthen, and equalize, the non-dominant leg is the key to making big gains in power."

The first units will hit the market in March of 2012 and these power pedals use a strain gauge in the spindle to calculate power. They can additionally determine things like left/right power balance. Another unique feature is the fact that these pedals require no further calibration once they are installed.
Many observers have expressed fears with respect to the pedal pod, that also is the battery which powers the device, as being susceptible to breakage. As reported by Garmin, this is not something to worry about as they have yet to break a pod even when the pedal body hits the street.

Garmin has developed a firmware upgrade for the Edge 800 as well as the Edge 500 that will allow the units to understand the left/right power balance. All units need to be upgraded to the newest firmware to receive this watts metric.
Garmin is going to ship the USB data sticks together with the Garmin Vector so that anyone can complete any firmware updates as firmware is updated and improved by Garmin's engineers.

The revolutionary Garmin Vector pedals are going to display a number of Training Peaks power metrics such as normalized power, training stress score and intensity factor.

Most watts devices today are employing foil strain gauges whereas the Vector utilizes silicon strain gauges mounted in glass on stainless steel which has meant that additional calibration is not required when these pedals are installed.

Garmin promises to support integration with the Garmin Edge 800, Edge 500 and Edge 705. Vector pedals are additionally useable by owners of the Garmin Forerunner 310XT along with the new Garmin 910XT triathlon GPS watches, which create a superb alternative for triathlon contenders.
Nearly all professional cyclists and quite a few amateurs train using watts-based metrics to help improve their bike riding. Now armed with data on left and right power balance the cyclist can observe precisely where the power is in the pedal stroke which is not observable using previously developed systems.
Needless to say, Garmin Vector power pedals will revolutionize how cyclists train thanks to left/right power balance.