Gear Deals: Spring ahead towards savings

Spring is nearly here and we have an extra hour of daylight for after-work hammer fests and long weekend rides. Before you rally the crew - you have to make sure your bike is up to the demands. That's where the gear deals come in, grab all the right gear so that you can hit the road in fashion and not have to cut your ride short and call for a ride back home. There are frames, brakes, shocks, and clothing to combat the temperamental spring weather. Onward to the deals!

3T Ernova Team Stealth Handlebar

You'd be hard-pressed to find some road handlebars much better than the Ernova Team Stealth Handlebar from 3T. Constructed of constant thickness carbon fiber, the Ernova possesses excellent stiffness, is lightweight, and has a certain ride quality that can only come from a composite bar. 3T has been building drop bars longer than most and its refined shaping with egg-shaped ovalized sections on the tops provides a flatter, broader surface for less pressure on your hands yielding impressive control, fit, and ergonomics for all-day road riding comfort.

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HED Ardennes Plus SL Road Wheelset - Clincher


If the tech sheet, marketing copy, and glowing reviews from major publications aren't enough to sell you on the plush, efficient ride of HED's Ardennes Plus SL Road Wheelset, then just head to your local two-wheeled hotspot and count the number of times you see that unmistakable branding roll by on everything from carbon race frames to steel touring machines with wheelbases you can measure in meters. This ubiquity is no accident. Given that it self-styles as Super Light, we'd be remiss not to mention that the Ardennes Plus SL is both light, but not as light as the line-topping Ardennes Black model, which effectively replaced the FR Plus for 2015. But small discrepancies in weight are of little consequence when balanced against the benefits of HED's C2 rim design, which the Plus models take even a step further. Two additional millimeters of width results in an even better grip and faster rolling through an improved tire profile.

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SCHWALBE Pro-One Tire - Tubeless

Schwalbe's recently updated tubeless road tire, the Pro One Tubeless Tire, sheds weight and rolling resistance compared to the original One tire. Given these advantages, the Pro-One makes a compelling case for racing on tubeless tires, and we can only hope to see more race wheels offered in the future that are compatible with them. To improve upon an already solid tire, Schwalbe started with triple compound rubber, adding Snakebite and Sidewall protection that teams with a liquid, tubeless sealant to retain air pressure over time and help resist punctures.

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GORE WEAR C3 Gore-Tex Active Pant

Depending on your geographic disposition or the time of year, the weather will try to do everything it can to keep you off the bike. If you're planning on tackling those goals this season, the training can't take a back seat and you don't have time to wait for the weather to improve. Fight back with the Men's C3 Gore-Tex Active Pant from Gore Wear and stay dry on your commute, road, or mountain bike ride. Constructed with a Gore-Tex membrane, these wind- and water-proof, lightweight, and breathable cycling-specific pants won't flinch at the sight of a puddle or a looming green/yellow blob hovering over your vicinity on the radar.

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GORE WEAR C3 Gore-Tex Active Jacket

Don't let ominous rain clouds stop you from road cycling or trail riding, at least not when you're packing the Men's C3 Gore-Tex Active Jacket by Gore Wear. This lightweight rain shell stows inside its zippered rear pocket, allowing you to carry it in your jersey pocket or stuff it into a hydration pack. It's designed with Gore Wear's Active fit, which follows your body closely to minimize excess flapping, but without it being overly tight and restrictive. The Gore-Tex Active membrane acts as an impenetrable barrier to passing showers and heavy downpours. However, Gore-Tex Active is much softer, quieter, and more breathable than standard Gore-Tex.

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GORE WEAR C5 Thermo Bib Tights


Featuring an intelligent matrix of fabrics, the C5 Thermo Bib Tights+ from Gore Wear keeps you comfortably warm for road and trail rides alike in the colder months. The C5 Thermo Bib Tights+ uses additional insulating materials where you need it, such as at the knees, and reduces it elsewhere to reduce bulk for a light, lively feel. It's Thermo lining delivers plush warmth and boasts a brushed finish for soft comfort against the skin.

The use of flat-lock seams throughout keeps any stitching from irritating your skin and preventing you from getting the most from your ride. The seam-free, mesh upper sits close to your body beneath the layers and ventilates.

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GORE WEAR C5 Gore-Tex Thermo Glove

Even with a proper cold weather kit, it can be tricky to keep your hands warm and dry in winter conditions. Cold temperatures try to get the best of your fingers, while tire spray from wet roads threatens to soak them. With a pair of weatherproof cycling gloves like the C5 Gore-Tex Thermo Glove from Gore Wear, early winter rides are certainly more pleasant. The Gore-Tex membrane is waterproof, windproof, and breathable, shielding your hands from the cold and rain while ensuring they don't get clammy if you start to heat up. The membrane combines with synthetic insulation to keep your hands warm down to about 40-degree temperatures, per Gore's recommendation.

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PEARL IZUMI Summit AmFIB Convertible Pant

At the beginning and end of the mountain bike season, the weather tends to become a bit more unpredictable. With a flash of the precipitation here or there and quickly dropping temperatures as the sun sets, you'll be glad to have the Pearl Izumi Men's Summit AmFIB Convertible Pants keeping you comfortable. These pants feature the ELITE AmFIB Softshell material that resists wind and water to minimize chills and have a Thermal Fleece lining to regulate temperature while providing a soft texture against your skin. PI Dry technology is focused at the knees to mitigate sweat, minimizing chills. The pants convert quickly and easily into softshell shorts when the sun comes out, and the hem features zippers so you can get the pants off without removing your shoes.

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SCHWALBE Nobby Nic Addix Tire - 27.5 x 2.6

It seems like versatility is the most important thing in mountain biking these days. The versatile frame geometry, versatile suspension, versatile tire size, so it's only natural that we should pair our all-terrain ready bikes with a tire to match it. The Schwalbe Nobby Nic Addix 27.5 x 2.6in tire is hungry for whatever trail you throw at it. With large, centered studs for keeping you planted, framed by smaller lugs for quick rolling grip, and chunky shoulder knobs for locking you down on sandy switchbacks, the tire is ready for any trail you toss it on. Healthy spacing between the lugs keeps weight down to reduce your rolling resistance and add a self-cleaning element with mud shedding capabilities. The sidewalls are reinforced with SnakeSkin to turn up the durability to 11 when you're knee-deep in fell trees and shale in the backcountry, and the introduction of Schwalbe's new Addix Speedgrip rubber plays into the mix with its own list of benefits.

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SRAM Guide RSC Disc Brake

Sitting with cool confidence and authority atop SRAM's Guideline, the Guide RSC (B1) Disc Brake represents the best of the Guide hydraulic disc family, offering Lever reach adjustment, SRAM's new SwingLink lever design, and Contact point adjustment capability - abbreviated to create to the RSC distinction. The Guide RSC's SwingLink levers are one of the biggest features setting it apart from its more straightforward siblings. SRAM designed them to react faster and with less force than earlier brakes, reducing the size of the lever "dead spot" with a new cam design. You'll feel more in-control as you whip around a corner and squeeze the levers to stay in control over a burly rock garden, and as soon as you do engage the levers, an efficient cup-seal timing port closes the port to pressurize the system and force the pads to the rotor for perfect, immediate modulation. SRAM also made the contact point easy to access, just behind the lever attached to the master cylinder, so you can dial in the right feel for the brakes without having to perform complex mechanics.

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ROTOR 3D30 Road Crankset

When we're shopping for a new crankset, our demands are relatively simple. We want things to be stiff, reliable, light, and it doesn't hurt if they're pocket-friendly, too. While carbon cranks may seem like an obvious choice, there's still something to be said for aluminum, and when it comes to machining from aeronautic grade alloy, Rotor sure does take the cake. The 3D30 Road Crankset offers a workhorse crank with a lightweight aluminum construction that claims carbon level stiffness, without the carbon price tag. The crankset scales in just a bit heavier than the 3D+ flagship cranks, but the difference is negligible at just 29g heavier while maintaining just as much stiffness and reliability. This model comes ready to ride with a 52-36t set of rings, offering semi-compact gearing to get you through just about any terrain that could be in your neck of the woods.

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NINER RIP 9 RDO Mountain Bike Frame

Although it's decked out in a camouflage paint scheme, the Niner RIP 9 RDO Mountain Bike Frame is anything but stealthy as you crush every steep line in sight, hit berms at high speeds, and throw stylish whips in the bike park. The RIP 9's bold colorway is sure to garner the attention of everyone from hikers to seasoned rippers as you harness riding aggression into blazing speed on steep descents and across technical stretches of trail. Other than this camo paint scheme, it remains practically the same as the previous year's RIP 9 RDO, which is a good thing if you desire a long-travel sled for everything from downhill shuttle laps along the local pass to long days spent devouring miles of notoriously technical, rock-strewn singletrack.

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E*THIRTEEN LG1 Race All-Terrain 29in Tire

Variety is the spice of life, and if you're like us, that saying doesn't only apply to our post-ride snacks. We're happiest when trail days offer a mix of different conditions, terrain, and adventure. Sometimes its XC hot laps, gravity shuttles, or backcountry trail days where we're pushing to ascend higher than we ever have before. The trick is to find equipment that's ready to take on a mix, too. E*Thirteen's LG1 Race All-Terrain 29in Tire makes a strong argument for itself, and while we won't try to tell you it's built for XC and DH at the same time, we will say it plays a pretty great role at covering just about everything.

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ENVE M730 29in Boost Wheelset

ENVE's designers utilize their Smart system to create tough, stable wheels for all riding conditions. Using a patented process of molding in-spoke holes, valve stem holes, and nipple seats they earn ENVE's reputation for incredible strength-to-weight ratios. ENVE's carbon fiber is meticulously laid around each hole to maintain continuous fiber integrity, resulting in increased rim rigidity while keeping weight lower at the spoke face. When you lace this system up to a hub the result is a system that facilitates more uniform, and higher spoke tension than standard molding. In addition to their meticulous layup, ENVE uses a process that removes the inner bladder from the carbon fiber molding, which results in lower weight compared to other composite manufacturers who leave the rim-molding inner bladder inside the rim when the wheel is complete. The tedious process of removing the bladder adds expense but lands you with a lighter rim with superior weight distribution and perfect tension.

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Cane Creek's Double Barrel rear shocks have been a hit since day one, inspiring confidence with next-level adjustability and control. The DBAir IL ups the ante with an all-new twin-tube inline shock with superior performance and reliability. The first shock to feature Cane Creek's LinEair Spring, the DBAIR [IL] is the best of both worlds, an air shock that feels more supple, linear and seamlessly supportive throughout its travel. With Climb Switch technology, you can alter the entire low-frequency dynamic response of the shock to specifically address the demands of ascending on a bicycle. CS enhances pedaling efficiency through the shock's entire travel. Exclusive Twin Tube Technology allows for superior tunability, eliminating the need for internal valving changes to achieve proper shock setup. Four-way adjustment allows you to easily adjust your shock to fit your bike, conditions and riding style.

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Price: $230.00 -MSRP $475.00

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