Philadelphia, PA - With the 2011 UCI racing season in full swing following the Australian season opener, Team GEOX-TMC unveiled its much-anticipated, official team jersey Monday.

Designed by GEOX in collaboration with the team's other co-sponsors and produced by Italian sportswear leader Diadora , the team jersey is black and white with distinctive Diadora neon accents. The jersey complements GEOX-TMC's 2011 Fuji Altamira LTD Team Bike, designed using the same color palette.

Title-sponsor GEOX incorporated their Respira shoe ventilation product into their logo displayed on the official team jersey, which also features second-name sponsor TMC, as well as co-sponsors Cantabria Infinita, Diadora, ZipVit, Rotor, Footon, Servetto, and Fuji.

With design completed, the team is outfitted and ready to kick off the season. GEOX-TMC's first race will be on February 5 at the GP Costa Etuschi in Italy, and the team will meet the media at its official team presentation on February 12 in Padova, Italy.