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So who got their CX Magazine? If you got it what state are you in? I'm in NH and haven't seen mine yet, can't wait to get it, I've re-read the last issue a few dozen times now :p

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Thanks for all the posts

Hey, Andrew from Cyclocross Magazine here. Thanks everyone for the info on when it arrived - it's good for us to know how the new delivery is working. Seems like it's a bit faster than last time, especially out east, but weird how the midwest seemed to lag behind the right and left coasts.

Unless we switch printers, or our periodical mailing permit (pending) gets rejected, this is probably how the delivery will remain for a while for domestic subscribers. (Of course when we get all huge and our mag just has pretty pictures, ads, and $2000 wheelset reviews, then we'll ship from all over the country and there will be little waiting!)

Anyway, thanks for subscribing. Your feedback is always welcome via email or our forums. An interesting well-written letter might win you some swag!

Just a few more months til 'cross!
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