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Kuma601 said:
Have a 3TT Record stem that I wanted to run with some newer 3T ergo type bars. Problem is the sharp bend of the hooks doesn't want to let the stem pass. I have it wedged open and it still is a no-go. Any tips?

Short of that, I was considering the 3T Evol stem with the hinged face plate would work. Only aspect is I don't think it goes well with the old 80's Vitus. The 3T Pro Chrome was absolutely hideous but it went on without a fight.

Do the current Nitto Dynamics have the relief on the current offerings for sharper bend bars? This is the least expensive stem solution.
I would look at the Cinelli Oyster stem if your looking for a hinged stem that looks somewhat retro. I have a 115mm in mint shape ( not mine below) if your interested.
Other wise:
take the bolt out the front of the stem.
put the bolt back in from the back side.
place a dime in the gap (below the opening for the bars).
tighten the bolt into the dime.
should hold the stem open enough for you
to get your bars in.
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