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Three years ago I had surgery on my back. Its been a slow and sorrowful process getting back into cycling although I am mindful and thankful that things could have been a lot worse.When I first got back on the bike it was very obvious after two miles that my right leg was working at less than 20% strength. Physio, Chiro and Doctor all worked hard to help.
Well, since Christmas I've been having progress in leaps and bounds. a 50 miler here - breaking my post op time record for a certain course there - all pointers that I may get some kind of fitness back. Last night I commuted home ( only five miles) I idly checked my watch and noted a 3 minute improvement on my best time. Ok. I have a very amateur strength test for the weak leg where I push the ball of the foot down on a scales and check the the pressure against the good leg - tonight its showing 80%. OK. Take out the Look. I can't explain the feeling - the weather is perfect, sunshine , warm and no wind. The bike is gliding as if by itself. I remember Armstrong's "No chain" joke. I roll out the road - there is no computer on this bike and I don't check my watch en- route but I know that comparatively I am flying. Funny thing is that I was checking the scenery and at the same time have to keep checking myself to ease my speed. I reached the halfway point and turn for home and for some reason go to the drops. Lots of people on this board have patiently advise me about fit, position, saddle etc (C-40 & Dave Hickey especially) as I struggled to get comfortable again on the bike and tonight like magic its coming together. I push hard - noticing the power in the bad leg and the bike responds, harder and it surges again and now I know I am flying. Halfway home and I glance across the road to see a club mate heading the opposite direction. The expression on his face says it all - "What is that so & so doing??? - he shouldn't be riding like that" - but I am! I reach home
( still in the drops - longest time I've been in the drops since I was a teenager) and check the time - best yet!

Sometimes it just comes together - know what I am saying?
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