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I'm building a Transition bike from the ground up. Per the advice of my LBS I am leaving the purchase of the stem to the very last.

I'm 5' 11" with a 34-25 inseam (no shoes) but have a very short torso (less than 24 inches). The frame size I chose is the 54cm (53.4 mm top tube length). I plan to use this frame for competition time trials or regular road riding (training), no triathlons.

Was wondering if any of you have gone thru this exercise. What are the things I should be looking for? I believe the Knee Over Pedal Sizing (KOPS) may not apply to TT / tri bike fitting since the seat tube angle is greater than a regular road bike. Not sure what kind of arching on the back to look for, I can go by pictures of the pros but the truth is I'm not a pro. I should also add that the crank size is 172.5 mm.
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