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So I'm building up a Twin Six Standard Rando and I hope to have the option to ride it either with my spare CX wheels and 'cross/road tires or with a set of 27.5 wheels and 47mm WTB Horizon "Road+" tires for fun.

I wanted to avoid building 27.5 road disc wheels, so I was thinking about buying a set of wheels that a friend is taking off of his 2016 Giant Anthem SX. The Front wheel will work fine with a thruaxle-to-QR adaptor, but the rear wheel is a different story.

The bike is going to have an 11-spd 105 group on it, and I want to run a standard 105 11-32 cassette, but the 11-spd road cassette obviously won't fit on an MTB freehub. Does anyone know whether the stock Giant hubs (which are generic hubs that Giant calls "Giant Performance Tracker Hubs" are likely to have a freehub that could be swapped out with an 11-spd road-compatible version? I was hoping to either order a road freehub from Giant or even a DT swiss freehub if it was interchangable.

Any ideas?
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