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I have a Giant Cypress that I bought used two year ago. I believe the bike was two year old at that time and didn’t appear to have been ridden a great deal. I have rode the bike 4,600 miles, all paved rural roads. I have changed a number of spokes and have kept the chain cleaned and oiled (every 300 – 400 miles) and keep the derailleurs oiled and cleaned. That’s about all of the maintenance I’ve done other than brake pads and cables. Sunday while changing a spoke I was spinning the back wheel while holding the axel in each hand. The wheel turned easy enough but felt a little rough. I plan to take the hubs off and check the bearings and add grease (front and back). I’m going to need to order a few tools and parts. My questions:
Does anyone know what size hub wrench the front and back will take?
Are the bearings in the hub loose or in a race?
If loose, does anyone know how many and what size for each wheel?
Anything else I should order and plan to replace while I’m at it?
Any other advice or suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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