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I asked this in general, but that was before i figured out where the beginners board was :blush2:

I'm thinking of buying a bike with the following specs:

Giant TCR 1 (2000 model)
9spd full Ultegra grouppo
Drivetrain replaced last year including bottom bracket
Rims replaced in the last 2-3 years with Mavic reflex ceramic (new old stock)
44cm handle bars

All for 500$ CAD. This would be my first road bike - I'm training for a triathlon, so i'm hoping to put in 200km or so in it per week.

My question is, is it worth the money?
Also, what are some things to look for when buying a used road bike?

thanks for the help guys

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I'm no expert in the used bike market, so all I'll offer is that it may be worth the money, IF it fits (most important).

FWIW here are the specs on the bike:

If the bike has been well maintained, the tires should be in reasonably decent shape, the headset should work smoothly with no binding. To check this, lift the front of the bike up at the top tube and and turn the bars left to right a few times. To check for excessive play, with the front end on the ground put the front brake on and with the other hand on the saddle push forward/ back while listening anf feeling for any indication of play in the head tube/ headset area.

Wheels should spin smoothly and run relatively true, with no side to side play (play can be checked with tire between thumb and forefinger and pushing/ pulling left/ right between the fork blades). The drivetrain should run relatively quietly and shift to all gears (except cross chained combos) smoothly and without excessive noise. Brakes should... well... work!

If the bottom bracket has been replaced recently, you should feel no play when holding the pedals and alternating push/ pull (side to side) on the left and right pedals.

But no matter the condition or price of the bike, the two main criteria should be that it will fit a riders intended purposes and fit well, so test ride it out on the roads and go far enough to get a good sense of fit along with mechanical condition. If the bike doesn't meet any of the stated criteria, pass and go on to the next.
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