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Our club made the second annual Ride the Rock in May. It was a fun day despite a little rain and a killer wind. We parked on the Spanish side of the border and rode across. As we were getting ready to ride into Gibraltar, a plane was landing. This stops all incoming and outgoing traffic as you have to cross the runway to get in - pretty cool.

We rode around the Rock, through part of it and up. It is not a the biggest of places, so we did it a couple times. All in all an awesome trip.

1. Plane landing as we arrive.
2. Some steep climbing to be had
3. My bike and one of the Barbary Apes
4. Looking down on the city and Bay of Gibraltar from the top (Atlantic side).
5. A really cute fellow
6. With the rest of the family, overlooking the Med
7. Another view from the top
8. A mid ride must
9. Tunnel through south end of the rock
10. Memorial in the tunnel to a sapper who died during its digging.
11. Morocco across the Straights
12. Moorish castle
13. Bobby at the border as we depart
14. The Rock from the Spanish side
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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