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Okay, seriously. How many different "jerseys" / competitions can there BE?

I know we get the overall leader, KoM, and points competition, and usually a team competition.

This year's Giro has all of those, plus bunch of stuff that I don't even understand:
110 Gazzetta Classification
Combination Classification
Most Combative Classification
Azzuri d'Italia Classification
Trofeo Fugi Piaggio Classification
Trofeo Fast Team Classification
Trofeo Super Team Classification
Fair Play Classification

What in the world ARE all of those?

It seems CSC isn't "playing fair" at all, but T-Mobile and Discovery definitely are. Disco is also a very Fast team, but Gerolsteiner are Super.

Salvodelli appears to be trying to win the combination classification -- at least, he gets more points in it than everyone else in most stages. I know it gives him a dark blue jersey. What IS it, and what does combine?

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Most of these categories are about prize money, at the end of each stage, based on accumulated points in each category.
The money is not insignificant.
See this for more info.

General Classification (overall time) leader - Pink jersey
Sprints Points Classification - Purple jersey
Climbing (KOM) Points Classification - Green jersey
Combined Points Classification - Blue jersey (combined GC standing + Sprints points + KOM points + "110 Gazzetta" points)

"110 Gazzetta" Classification (Sponsor = La Gazzetta dello Sport) - No jersey; to celebrate 110 years of the Gazzetta dello Sport, points awarded at established intermediate locations along the stage (this used to be called "Intergiro").
Premio "Azzurri d'Italia" Classification (Sponsor= Associazione "Azzurri d'Italia") - No jersey; points awarded to the stage winner.
Premio "Fuga Piaggio" Classification (Sponsor = Piaggio) - No jersey; points awarded to the day's most sustained (compiled loner distance) breakaway rider.
Most Combative Classification - No jersey; points awarded to the day's most aggressive (in terms of trying to win points) rider.

Trofeo Fast Team Classification - No jersey; points awarded to the day's fastest team (first three riders' combined times).
Trofeo Super Team Classification - No jersey; points awarded to the day's combined points team (counting the first 20 riders only).
Premio Fair Play Classification - No jersey; points awarded to the team that breaks the least rules (points are given for infractions (in-race infractions; sprint penalties; declassification (see Paris-Roubaix train stop episode); doping; etc.); 0 points is good).
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