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For those who can do it:

I got RAI for the month of May, $9.95 on Time Warner here in NYC.

So for the Giro prologue, it was on from 2:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. today, so I DVR'd it, and skimmed over the riders I didn't care about.

The on-screen graphics pretty much told the whole story, and frankly, the commentary wasn't much worse than Roll/Sherwin/Liggett, and I only understood about a third of what they were saying... was worth 10 bucks just to hear "Yannn Ull-e-rick!" in Italian when he rolled up to the line. Only bummer was they missed the podium girl presentation to switch to Italian pop music. Bleah!!

Gotta bone up on my Italian cycling terms, beyond "testa del corso" and "gruppo compatto"...
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