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I've maintained my bikes for years, cut new cables, tuned up deraillers, etc.

But I've never built up a bare frame. My drivetrain parts are almost here and I'm specifically wondering about dialing in my front and rear deraillers. I'm Shimano 10sp double, 50/39, 12/27, Ultegra all around.

Any tips on how to pull cable to the front and rear deraillers and get them dialed in quickly? What gear to put the levers in, what gear to hold the deraillers in while attaching the cable, etc.?

I know how to set the front derailler's height and rotation, but I'm specifically thinking about what gear to put the levers in, and how to easily attach the cable where everything is closely matched right from the start.

Make sense? Any tips?

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Park Tool

Try the Park Tool website. The questions you're asking are really basic. To answer one of your questions, the shifters must always be shifted to the smallest cog or smallest ring position (cable fully released) before pulling the cable tight by hand and clamping it down. Be sure that your cable tension adjusters are screwed in as far as possible, before attaching the cables.
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