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I joined a local Bike/Walk forum. It's just a small one where the entire forum problably gets less than 25 posts a week. One of the forum sections is route advice for local cyclists. I've been chiming in and helping where I've known the roads. Many of the people looking for route advice are aspiring commuters. Many of the people posting are asking for routes are also asking for routes where they don't have to ride with cars, avoid scary "X" street, or looking for bike lanes where they don't exist.

I'm struggling with how to give them encouragement about how "X" street isn't that bad, or how to share a lane, or just to be more confident, without sounding like a drill sergent saying "suck it up soldier, GET ON THAT BIKE and RIDE.

Anybody got any pearls that could succinctly tell a nervous newbie that sharing a lane with vehicle traffic is largely a safe activity, they should have confidence in asserting their place on the road, and they can do it.


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I would say that an excellent place to start is to learn the local and state laws for cycling. Every state varies and some locals have their own laws that are even more restrictive. Make sure that the bike and rider meets the letter of the law even if you have to put a red reflector on the back. Hawaii requires a reflector even if I had a dozen blinking lights. No good reason for it, just the law. Some states make it either/or. Each state will give the requirements of a headlight and tail light with regards to visibility distance. Arming yourself with knowledge and proper equipment is a good start.

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How about offering to go for a ride with them?

Show them how it is done.

BTW a young woman took us up on my standing offer to show folks their commuting route-Miss M came along. Perhaps we didn't set all that good an example since she has been hit by cars twice since.....she is still riding though.
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